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Jesus Dressup!

Jesus Dressup! is a series of online games and magnetic toy sets created from 2000 to 2020. Normal Bob has created several versions of Jesus Dressup! like Batman, BDSM, Star Wars, Lady Gaga, Final Justice, and Supreme Deities. Other iterations in this series include Mohammed Dressup! and Trump Dressup!. This is perhaps the most provocative of the work Normal Bob's done. You can read more about it in the catalog essay. 

Below, this series is ordered chronologically.

The links to magnets sets that are available for sale can be found next to the images.

Jesus Dressup! caused a lot of controversy in 2004 when Urban Outfitters carried Normal Bob's magnets. More can be read about this in the catalog essay. Even prior to this public outrage, Normal Bob's website received a litany of hate mail for his online version. This promoted Normal Bob to create a hate mail page along with a series of comics titled the Sheeples. Click the images below to view these pages.


Related to this series and his Devil Bob outfit is a series of pamphlets. Click the image below to view his pamphlets, available online as a free download.


Normal Bob has made a variety of online games. A small selection of them are listed below. Click on the images to play the games.

There are many more games he's designed.

You can see and play them here:

And you  cc


Jesus Dressup! made a big splash around the time The Passion of the Christ debuted in 2004. Normal Bob dressed as the Devil to go see the movie. You can read his account of the experience here.

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