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Amazing Strangers

Amazing Strangers is a series of videos Normal Bob uploaded to YouTube from 2006 to 2018. These videos capture the peculiar people that frequent Union Square in New York City. Below are a selection of these videos. There are many more videos that can be viewed on Normal Bob's channel here.

The Peepers Project is a special video that shows the entire history of this project. Normal Bob and his good friend, Shaggy, noticed a trend of perverts in Union Square secretly filming and photographing unsuspecting women. Normal Bob has written and cataloged this project here and the entire Peepers series can be seen here. You can also read about this story in the catalog essay.

In 2005, Normal Bob took part in Bob Smith, U.S.A., a documentary directed by Neil Abramson. This film looks at the lives of 7 different American men named Bob Smith. It is an exploration of what the "average" American looks like and exposes how unique individuals truly are. You can read more about this in the catalog essay.

This video is a mix of an interview and footage of Richy. Richy is an artist of many talents who has performed at Union Square. Normal Bob has written about Richy here.

Amazing Strangers has developed quite a cult following. Normal Bob has created this match-game that involves some of the reoccurring characters in the videos. Click the image below to view the card on Normal Bob's site.

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